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Squaring the square

A few posts back, I checked some of my squares, one was way out and some others were borderline. That bugs me so I’m going to fix [some of] them; the out of whack machinist square because I’m too cheap  huck … Continue reading

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Love Tapper

A small hammer I made just ’cause. I have a dead blow but it doesn’t get under the quill. I have a big brass thumper (no handle) but it will dent the cast iron. So a small mover for small … Continue reading

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Comparator part III, the guts

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastic. I destroyed a lot brain cells designing this one, mainly trying to figure out a half nut quick release. I didn’t so you gotta wind, wind, wind to get from one end to … Continue reading

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Comparator part II

I made the part to convert the height comparator to a “face” comparator, it is a bit of mild steel welded to O1 tool steel, has a 8″ radius, was hardened and screwed to the bottom of the tool. I’m … Continue reading

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Height comparator

Couple of videos of my newly made height comparator in use. A comparator doesn’t measure distance, it measures differences or deltas of distance from a plane (in this case, horizontal). This allows you to determine how flat an object is or if … Continue reading

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Metal lathe tool post holder rack

More ideas from Ox Tools videos, making tool bits easy to grab. I have shelves between the lathe and mill that I store tools and materials on and it’s getting full, so I wanted a more convenient place to put my … Continue reading

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