A small box

A  small box to hold a sine bar. I made this out of a white oak branch, used the milling machine to cut the mortise, glued on a bottom (because I liked the “real” bottom better as the top) and cut through the middle with the table saw and added hinges.
I added a revel/round over, by eye, to conceal the glue line (TiteBond III has a dark glue line that contrasts with the light oak).

The hinges are elcheapo Stanley plated pressed steel. I removed the plating by soaking in vinegar for a couple of days then baked on three coats of BLO: Heat the oven to 500°F, heat the hinges, dip in BLO, blot and back into the oven. Repeat. Up close they look pretty ghetto but over all it is a nice effect. The screws are plated steel square drives.
I installed the hinges “upside down” (barrel in) because I like the way it looks. I cut a vee groove (hand plane, 45° chamfer) so the box could open.

The lite wood was way too white for my tastes so I decided to play around with glazes using stains I had sitting around. I first put a spit coat of shellac on to seal the wood. Then a coat of brick red “Antique Maple” gel stain, let get sticky and wiped off. Screwed around with it to no good effect, let dry and sealed with shellac. Maybe too red so a coat of brown “Fruitwood” oil stain. Let get dryish, wipe off. Let dry and top coat with several coats of shellac.

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