And now we wait

Another metal project, this time lathe tooling from Tom’s Technique (plans and video). I parked my fanny in front of the mill for a week, twisting knobs, pulling levers and spraying hot shrapnel all over the shop (first time using a fly cutter). At least this time I didn’t get a blue chip up my nose (one of those eye watering pains that is hard to describe articulately).
Here I stop and wait for a 20% coupon front Enco to get parts so I can finish and assemble (all parts are made, just need to case harden the steel parts).

knurl front
I kinda like this shot – the tee shaped part is a three piece weldment but that is only noticeable on the butt end (three seams are showing in the photo).
knurl backI had to step up my game as there are three pieces with tolerances of 0.003″ (sheet of paper).


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