And back to wood

Time for a woodworking project, this time a big box of drawers out of riven white oak.
I’m starting with wedges of dried oak, which I flatten one side with a Makita “scrub” plane (power hand planer, 5½ sized), the sucker motors through oak, leaves a huge mess (I’m pretty sure I’m missing an attachment) and, if you are careful, leaves a nice flat finish. Or, if you are like me, leaves monster gouges. No tear out though. Then to the table saw to square the edges. And back to the planes: my Stanley “rat” #7 to get it “almost” there and a Daed Toolworks panel for that finishing touch. This oak planes so nicely that a light touch with any of these would be enough but I like doing it this way.
Now to resaw (not looking forward to that).

The Stanley taking over from the Makita. Heavy skewing to make sure no tear out. I also use the plane as a straight edge and winding stick. The longer plane will level out the “waves” left by the shorter Makita. And I’m always nattily dressed in the shop. If you look closely at the right of the board, you can see the wedges I’m using to keep it level as the bottom is still “as split”.

The Daed panel. I’m trying to plane sloooowly because my camera has such a sloooow frame rate. I normally I plane about twice this fast. I don’t really care about super thin shavings, I just want a smooth, flat tearout free surface. Oh yeah, nice plane, or what? The reason the shavings are narrow is the blade (2½”) came with quite a bit of crown, I’ll remove some of that when it needs sharpening.

And the results of each of the three steps. Left to right: Makita, Stanley, Daed. The shavings on the floor are just from smoothing, the Makia made about 10x that much.

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