Skill building

drawer arghBuilding this stupid little drawer is giving me fits. my dovetail jig is acting up so I’m resorting to other means and it isn’t pretty; this pic is shimming the pins to slide them to one side and remove gaps.

Time to take a break.

Since I have a couple of new [metal working] tools, I decided I should learn to use them. This is a knob with a #10×32 thread and 1/2″ knurled knob, made using the knurling tool in the last post and a threading tool (grinding HSS threading bits gets old, my brazed on carbide bits are pretty lame so I sprung for carbide insert tool, way nicer).

It holds the stem of a test indicator in this R8 adapter (intended as a quick change alignment tool):
r8The challenge here was turning a precise 16.85° R8 taper (interesting enough, I couldn’t find the spec in my copy of Machinery’s Handbook (which the above box will hold), a smart phone in the shop is pretty handy for web searches). In addition, I decided to work on indicating in on the four jaw chunk so I turned it out of a rectangular block.

To cut the R8 taper, I set the compound slide to the half angle (8.425°) using a sine bar. A parallel clamped to the edge of the slide provides the reference and gauge blocks slant the bar. When the indicator, mounted to the lathe bed (or cross slide), doesn’t move as the compound does, I know that the compound is set to the correct angle.
r8 taper

I’m not impressed with the functionality (of the R8 tool), we’ll see if it can become useful.

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