Book Box

And back to wood working – finished the book box/drawer that will hold my copy of Machinery’s Hand Book in the box of drawers.
All the parts being dry fitted:
book box partsI’m using a all solid wood, with a three part bottom so I can glue about 1″ of the end boards and they can expand into the middle. The little middle board floats. I really like the added strength/rigidity a glued bottom adds to a box (obviously not needed but I like it anyway). You can’t see it but I spaced out expansion space for the divider, I guess we’ll find out how much QS oak moves (although I may have lucked out, Oregon is one of the few places [in the US] where the humidity is higher in the winter; for example, it is 98% today (Feb 4) so the wood should be as wide as it’ll get). [edit: Doh! the divider grain direction is the same as the sides so it moves the same as the sides. I knew that and forgot.] The divider is just there to keep the book in the front of the box and is short so I can rotate the book as I pull it out of the box.

The cut outs on the sides are so my fingers can wrap around the box and pull it out while the drawer stays in the chest.

book box dovetailsThe dovetails look like crap so I’m probably going to put veneer on the front. That might be a bit harsh but I’m underwhelmed.
On the plus side, this the second time I’ve used liquid hide glue and the glue up is sooo much more pleasant than PVA (white/yellow) glues. I don’t think I’m going back. Things just slide together and there is no rush. Crazy sticky though, reminds me of epoxy, but easy to clean up (about the same as PVA).

In this video, I using a Lee Valley flush cutting saw (love it) to trim the shims, a couple of my miter planes trim the pins (I grabbed the second one because the first one was set for too light of a cut) and a Lazarus smoother. Then a demo.

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