Router base plate

A new base plate for my router
router base plateI have a Dewalt 611 compact router with fixed and plunge bases but only the plunge base will take a guide bushing; the fixed base just has a hole (no step). I like the router, the LED is great and variable speed is very nice when cutting pins. But the plunge base really annoys me because it has no dampener, release it and it becomes a pogo stick. If I’m not ready for it, it seems to almost jump off the board, which makes me jump as well; not a good combo. If you have a dovetail bit installed, the guide jams into the cutter too. And the plunge is cumbersome on the dovetail jig so I want to use the fixed base. So, a new base plate is in order. Clamp some polycarbonate in the mill, punch some holes, punch some counter bores and voilà, off to the races. Mapping the hole layout and actually moving to the correct locations took a page of chicken scratch and calculations, lots of head scratching and triple checking.

But it does work quite nicely; dovetailing the carcass was nice, boring and satisfying, if noisy and messy. Unlike the book box, where the router made chowder.


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