Carcass dry fit

I’m sooo glad to get to the point. The carcass is done, which took a long time because I designed it as I went along. I wanted to use a CAD program but they don’t think like I do so that was a bust.
QS white oak vertical planks and red oak horizontal planks (both resawn from one board). Rail is red oak flooring and panel is a three board white oak glue up.

carcass dimensions

The design process went something like this:
•I have a lot of white oak to use up.
•Where am I going to put this? On top of a roll cab, which is 26″ wide. Uhhh, no WO that long, dig into the stash and find some red oak.
•How tall? Longest WO is 22″, guess that will do.
•How deep? Widest WO is 10″. OK.
•How thick? Thin. Between ½” and ¼”. Hmmm, those could be some flexy boards. Better add some bracing.
lamp•Book box is gotta be in there somewhere.
•I like Greene and Greene [style, also Japanese] lamps, make it look like that, with the book in the center. Hmmm, don’t think that will work.
•Ummm, ummm, where to put those stupid braces?!? Oh poop, just use the golden ratio and call it done.
•OK, now make those braces lock the sides. Holes in the top and bottom are OK, no holes in the sides. That means sliding dovetails and mortise & wedged tennons.
•What to do where the braces cross? Just do something complicated and interlocking.

I think of my design process as like assembling a jigsaw puzzle – find the border, then find a inside piece and build up around that. Lots of dead ends and backtracking but I can build a small part (in this case, the book box), which gives me some thing to hold and really helps firm up the visualizations.

Then it was merely a matter of sweating bullets to get things measured, laid out and cut. But I did it and ooooh what a relief it is!

This video is a dry assembly and tour:

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