Pieces of Eight

Mass production – eight drawers in one shot.
bundle of 8

Each bundle of four ~1″ x ~¼” boards/sides are matched to with 0.010″ (bit more than 1/128″). This rather arbitrary number makes glue up and post glue squaring nice and simple. For jointing the edge, the Stanley 5¼ works really well (humorous aside – both planes are using the same blade).
Stock prep takes a while (I’m starting from basically fire wood), but cutting the dovetails is faster then gluing them up.

bottoms upAfter the glue has gelled, the bottom is flattened to withing a few thou and a plywood panel is glued and nailed on. One of the drawers was slightly out of square, easily corrected when nailing on the bottom.
After the bottom is attached, the drawer is really solid and the tails can be planed off, the sides trimmed to fit the cabinet and the top made parallel to the bottom.

Twenty drawers done, gotta get some more plywood for the next ten.


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