Speed bump

split endsAfter 104 dovetails, I figured I have the Leigh jig wired; I’d written various settings in the handy notes section of the manual, I’d finally memorized them.
I had some time so I wanted to whip out a couple of drawers to finish off a bay and whammo, one tail is offset ~1/16″ and the pins are cut too deep (making the drawer too narrow). Sigh (or bad words to that effect), time to dig out the swizzle sticks and veneers. I keep slices when resawing (more packratitis than anything) but they do come in handy; the swizzle sticks (a long square or rectangular (~¼”) sticks) are great for mixing epoxy or spreading glue (better than popsicle sticks) and veneers for repairs. The offset tail was chopped wider and a swizzle stick jammed into the gap during glue up, the grain lined up so the repair is pretty hard to see (not in image). The veneers got glued on (to the right side the top two drawers), then planed down to make the drawer fit.

swizzle sticks and veneers
Something I’m really pleased with is the 13″ stack of nine drawers is vertically square to less than 1/32″ as is the fit in bay.

I now have 24 drawers done and three bays filled.

24 drawers

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