Sweating the little things

You probably know that [most alloys of] aluminum doesn’t like salt, especially salt in sweat and you may have guessed that, from a few posts ago, I sweat like the proverbial pig [iron] when I ride a bike. There are lots of aluminum parts on a bicycle, which results in parts like this cable stop (on the left):
ti stopA totally roached cable stop from a Shimano Dura-Ace brake. Strangely, the nut is steel (which may have contributed to galvanic corrosion) but I had to drill out the corroded screw (which was powder at the top). The replacement is titanium, which can be ahh, difficult to machine. It single points beautifully, but if you drill it, it expands really quick and locks the bit. That drill in the photo was being used to enlarge a hole by 1/32″ (and about 1/4″ deep) and the heat turned the bit very dark brown. And you really don’t want to cut threads with a die. Anyway, for about a 1 gram weight penalty (3g for the stainless version; 5g, 6g, 8g), I shouldn’t have to worry about corrosion any more.

stop on bike



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