Mill vise stop redux

My brain hurts from thinking about the evaluation order of recursive lazy functions so out to the shop to make something. No brain cells will be harmed in the course of this project.

mill stop 2 parts

One thing I see quite often while watch machining videos is a stop mounted on the milling vise. Quite simple and always ready to use. The mill stop I made a while ago requires it to be bolted to the table which means I’m tempted to make do without it (since it is almost always on the shelf). This is bolted to the mill vise so it is always there, ready to be used.

A fun project, I got to use the rod bender (the key is one wire with a sleeve) and the knurling tool I made, some welding, turning, threading and milling. I tried some [artistic] design but that was a real bust, kinda looks like a 6th graders bird house project. But it is bomber stiff, feels good in hand, is tool-less and I resolved the evaluation order so I’m calling it a success.

mill stop 2 mounted

I positioned the pivot so the stop block is square to the vise bed (when it rests on the bed), one of those no care details I like to sweat. It can be used on either side of the vise.
The block is held in the vise with a ChuckECheezeBall (aka one of Chuck’s (Outside Screwball) Screwy Balls), nice for oddball work holding (if you watch his video, you’ll see the stop that inspired this one).

Tech details: 3/4″ rod (extending 4″ on each side of the vise), 3/8″x16 cap screws (I’m pretty sure the holes are M10x1.5 but fit is good¹), 1/4″x28 everywhere else, 1/2″ plate & square tube, 3/4″ plate for the stop, 3/4″ knob, 1/4″ wire with 3/8″ sleeve welded on for the key.
¹I just measured and the thread is indeed 3/8×16, not metric. Strange as everything else I’ve measured on this vise is metric.

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