Projectus bumpis

Tom over at OxToolCo has started a new project, cloning a Wilton baby bullet vise, something near and dear to my heart – I’ve had a 3½” bullet for decades, just love it and want one of the smaller bullets. So Tom drawing up the plans and starting videos of his build was all it took to shelve my current project and start this one.
Note: If you also want to do this project, be aware that the plans are, uhhh, spotty and you’ll get lots of opportunity to add your own flair (or scratch your head). In my case, I’m doing some major deviations.

chipsTom’s materials list is quite expensive so I set about scrounging over at the Burchams. I would up buying 300# of steel for about 10# of vise but at 40¢/pound, not bad. And these complicated threaded parts are really nice steel; way, way better than 1018 lumpy cheese mild steel.

I ordered a new mill, sold my old mill, so I worked on the parts I could do in the lathe. But now I need to do some mill work and no mill. I ordered an in-stock mill but it has been almost a month and it isn’t on the truck. Seems to me a strange way to do business but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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2 Responses to Projectus bumpis

  1. Tom Harper says:

    I’m very envious of Burchams. We have nothing like close to here.

    • Zander K says:

      It is pretty nice for scrap (buying cap screws @ 40¢/lb is awesome, I once spent several hours collecting 20lb of them: $8); when HP stopped letting employees dumpster dive, it went to Burchams. The bad part is if Burchams thinks something has value (ie isn’t broken or looks antique), their prices tend to be astronomical.

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