Blind broach

There needs to be a key between the two vise tubes to keep the front jaw from rotating. The exterior one is easy to cut on the mill, the interior one not so easy. Adding to the problem is I have threads on one end so it needs to be blind. Sooo, even if I had a broach, it wouldn’t work.
broach1[OxTool] Tom is going to cut a through slot in the outer tube and “make it one” by welding the tube to the base plate. For various reasons, I’m not so keen on that idea and hit on this one, from watching too many shaper videos, using the lathe to cut the keyway. So I got out my biggest boring bar (a whopping 3/4″), ground a square edge on a HSS blank, locked the spindle and started plunging. Took forever but worked well.


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2 Responses to Blind broach

  1. Tom Harper says:

    Nice looking keyway. I’ve been away from my mill and lathe way too long due to house projects, but we offically own 1 less house now so in theory there is more time. As we all know: In theory, theory and practice are the same, but in practice, they ain’t.

  2. Zander K says:

    I’m between mills and am in withdrawal! Me, I could live in the garage if I could put all the machines and bikes in the house but that ain’t gonna happen, if only because there isn’t a big enough door and the machines would fall through the floor if there was.
    Does that mean your new house has been moved into? That must be nice!

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