2 bolts, 4 hours

And no, I’m not quitting my day job.
boltsSo, I got this new mill and I got a really nice Yuasa 4″ mill vise off ebay, stuck the vise on the mill and … crap, my hold down studs are too long. OK, I’ll order some but for now, all thread. Crap, the flange nut flange is too wide for the vise counter sink. Hmm, got a mill, got a lathe, got hundreds of pounds of nice steel, I can do that.

I single pointed the 1/2×13 thread and used my SHARS thread mic for the second or third time. I really like it and think it compares favorably with my Mitutoyo , Starrett, Brown&Sharpe, etc mics. I haven’t verified its accuracy (against wires), but it has a wonderful feel. And it is sooo much nicer to use than thread wires (although I suspect wires are more accurate).

To cut the hex on top of the bolt, I wanted to play with the rotary table. Not the “best” way to do this, the spindexer or hex collet block would be faster but I don’t care. Getting used to the DRO, I love it already (although the calculator function seems a bit brain dead and the manual is written in Chanlish for a different model); I set the Y axis zero at the radius of the bolt flats. This way, as I cut each flat, I just feed to zero, brainless. To do this, I cut two [parallel] flats, mic’d them, subtract the diameter I want (7/8″ or 22mm), divide by 2 and set Y. Lots of ways to do this.
For example, the bolt head starts out at as a 1″ rod; take two light cuts and I have two flats that measure 0.99″ and the DRO knows it is touching metal (I think this is faster than finding center). Do the math: (0.99-0.875)/2 = 0.0575″ to take off of each side so set Y to 0.0575″ (since my DRO reads in even tenths, 0.0574″).  Well, that’s how I think it should work but nooooo, not how the DRO works; ½ doesn’t work in calc mode and there is no “push result to Y” function (far as I can tell). So manually have to transfer the result and it is erased in the process so I gotta remember it, which I don’t trust. Grrrr. I can leave the result on the display, move Y to match and zero Y but I just don’t think that way.

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