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Power feed for the compound

For cutting short tapers on the metal lathe, the compound slide (the one that sits on top of the cross slide) is often used. The problem is, if you (ie me!) can’t turn the knob in a nice slow smooth … Continue reading

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Completed: Baby bullet welding vise

Yea! A finished project – The baby bullet welding vise. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, it works well and everything lines up and functions as it is supposed to. The only thing I don’t particularly like is … Continue reading

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Vise glue up

This is what you get slather some metal with flux and heat it up over 1000°F for a while. Ugly. If you do a good job and don’t burn the flux (the black stuff in the middle of the green), … Continue reading

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It’s a boring job but doesn’t have to be

A job for an annular cutter, hole saw or boring bar (or some combo thereof). But I want to play with a DRO feature: cutting an arc (or, CNC the very slow way). The job: miter a block for welding to … Continue reading

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