Vise glue up

This is what you get slather some metal with flux and heat it up over 1000°F for a while. Ugly.


jigged2If you do a good job and don’t burn the flux (the black stuff in the middle of the green), a hot water soak will dissolve the flux. If you did burn it, you’ll need abrasives.

These are the three parts that make up the base of the vise silver brazed together (the jaw block is welded to a tube). I dislike brazing, especially silver brazing (as the flux is really toxic), it’s just too damn slow. But for parts like this, it is pretty ideal – lots of surface area and a sliding joint. Plus, silver brazing is pretty low heat on the join-metal-together scale of things so heat induced warpage is minimal, which is nice as I don’t want the inner most tube to change shape.

Jigging for brazing is always an issue as the flux gets slippery when hot and things are moving as they heat up. In this case, I TIG tacked one part and clamped another.

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