Wood, wood, wood! And the metal bits that hold and shape wood. Mostly the latter, hand powered metal wood working tools, because I like shaping wood and making things out of metal. Occasionally, I’ll actually make a furniture like thing. Electrons will be used and abused when I don’t feel like listening to the stereo. Bicycles and other odds and ends will make appearances.

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  1. Tom Harper says:

    Hey there Mr. Durland,
    Very nice looking stuff. I am currently finishing up a house in a little place called Almo, Idaho. Well, “finishing up” is a wish, but the fun is about to start, i.e. the woodwork. Current project is building up my spiffy new shop so I can be somewhat productive once the woodwork starts. I also need to start a few guitars as I have some crazy people that have a lot more patience than I do. Also revamp the website. I think the current news is Feb. 2008 and I never finished a gallery, so it is totally lame.

    I bought a small modelers’ lathe and mill for making small tools and eventually parts for period guitar reproductions. I have been focused on the house, but recently started getting used to it. Metal is a blast. I’ve only made very simple things, just getting used to feed rates and things. I can’t wait to get the house done and get cranking.

    Well, I better get some sleep.


    • Zander K says:

      Hey Tom! You most definitely need to get crankin on the gallery! I look and look but nothing looks back. And I want to see what you can do after pulling on 5.12 crimpers all day (if the photo on you site is to be believed).
      Mills and lathes are fun, plus having the parts in a vise means my hands are away from the cutter, which “cuts” down on my band-aid bills. Carbide endmills rock, I run full speed (such as it is) for about everything, wood to steel (up to ~3/8″ endmill). Not real fond of busting the 1/16″ endmills however.
      Good luck on your house and guitars, I want to see both!

      • Anonymous says:

        I just saw your reply! So it takes me 3 years to find a reply. User Interface issue or slacker user?? Inquiring minds want to know…

        That photo was real, but the rock offers up mostly 5.9. Well, there is a 5.11 here and there. For me, 5.12 is now a time that I start wondering what to fix for dinner.

        I am going to begin updating my site. Finally after 150 years, things are beginning to take on a bit of order that allows such excesses to occur.

        I’d love to see your stuff up close and personal. I’ll bring my own magnifiers since my up close and personal vision really sucks these days. I am thinking of doing some bone implants in my cranium so I can wear my optivisors 24/7.

        Just finished up my first brass plane along the lines of a violin makers plane. You are right, metal was invented for making planes, wood was made for being shaped with planes, except for the occasional good looking handle, wedge, etc. It’s Stay-Brite sopldered together. One of the disadvantages of living in the most conservative corner of the most conservative state in the union is that any metal joining technique that does not involve welding or baling wire is suspect as either sissy or liberal. Hence, the dust covered package of Stay-Brite solder was a bit old. When I squeezed the plastic bottle of flux, it shattered like and egg shell. Fortunately, I was working on a large piece of acrylic and was wearing nitrile gloves, so mess abatement was pretty quick. Time for another online jewelry supply store run.

        Okay, back into the shop. Working with some African Blackwood on this current guitar build. Interesting stuff. If you ever use it and want to French polish, use a brush to get a seal before you begin the French polish. It’s like a gusher oil well when alcohol hits it!


        p.s. I clicked follow, so I can be informed when you post something.

  2. Pottsvillain says:

    NIce work and nice blog. I’m quite the lover of wood, metal and tools, not sure which I like more. Sometimes I think I build stuff just to acquire or make the necessary tools. I just moved a bunch of my stuff to WP and I have a decent amount of tool rehabs on there. I’m trying to clean up and categorize but I haven’t made it back that far quite yet.
    Keep up the good work. I’m anxious to look at more of your archives.

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