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Surface plate finish up

The finished surface plate stand.     I sanded down all the welds, slapped on a really crappy paint job (I had it but ran out of the black towards the end) and pimped it with some stick on vinyl pin striping. … Continue reading

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Gettin’ there

Adding drawers to the stand. Mixed media is kinda nice, when one starts getting tedious, work on the other. Just three drawers, I ran out of the “select special aged” doug fir stock, which was a ladder made from 2x4s … Continue reading

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Skill building

Building this stupid little drawer is giving me fits. my dovetail jig is acting up so I’m resorting to other means and it isn’t pretty; this pic is shimming the pins to slide them to one side and remove gaps. … Continue reading

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And back to wood

Time for a woodworking project, this time a big box of drawers out of riven white oak. I’m starting with wedges of dried oak, which I flatten one side with a Makita “scrub” plane (power hand planer, 5½ sized), the … Continue reading

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A small box

A  small box to hold a sine bar. I made this out of a white oak branch, used the milling machine to cut the mortise, glued on a bottom (because I liked the “real” bottom better as the top) and … Continue reading

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Milled boxes

A couple of boxes made on the milling machine. I needed a box for the sine bar as the cardboard one wasn’t very secure. These were some quickies milled out of white oak and shellacked. Basically mini candle boxes with a … Continue reading

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Spoke shave practice

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. I was kinda bored and wanted to build something and use a spoke shave and they became handles. On the left, a cleaver looking thing from three chunks of white … Continue reading

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Waiting for the paint to dry

Slathered in BLO, which needs to dry before being slathered in shellac. Another annoying glue up; I seem to make a habit of that. This time the struts. The problem was end grain and a tight fit. I can usually … Continue reading

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Burnished lustre

I turned a set of legs for yet another joint stool, this time out of some Mahogany like stuff, very open grain (three board glue ups for a project abandoned years ago). It didn’t agree with my lack of turning … Continue reading

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Put a lid on it

I was more than a bit apprehensive about pegging the seat, the book’s suggestion of tight, tight, tight seemed bad, bad, bad for this not-very-wet-anymore wood. So I did lots of experiments with cut offs and got lots and lots … Continue reading

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